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Newly acquired auto coverage

"I'm going to the dealership on Friday after work. What do I do if I buy a car?"

In Michigan, if you have an active auto insurance policy with liability, comprehensive, and collision, you have fourteen days of automatic coverage. If you have both coverages on at least one of your vehicles, that coverage will bind to your new purchase. If your vehicle(s) has liability only, you will get comprehensive and collision coverage with a $500 deductible for only four days. If the dealership requires you to show proof of insurance at the time of purchase, you can use your current proof for your other vehicle. 

Also, you can use the Ieuter 24/7 app to view your current coverages. If they still require you to add the vehicle that day, call Ieuter Insurance Group after hours at (989)835-6701, and the answering service will have a “Friend in the Insurance Business” contact you to add the vehicle! If you have further questions please call (989)835-6701, or email us at info [at] ieuter [dot] com!