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People Need to Buckle-Up in the Back Seat too!

Teens buckle-up far less frequently than adults, but everyone needs to buckle up when in an automobile.  Sadly, 60% of our teens killed in car accidents were not wearing seat belts.  Interestingly, the driver is more likely to be wearing his/her seat belt when compared to his/her passenger(s).  The number of back seat passengers not wearing seat belts is on the rise.  And it’s not only teenagers.  Often adult passengers think a seat belt is not necessary when riding in the back seat.  Seat belts save lives in the front seat AND back seat. 

A person not wearing a seat belt can become a projectile during a crash, which has the potential to not only harm themselves but others riding in the car.  Imagine a grandmother who is unbuckled in the back seat sitting next to a buckled toddler.  If a crash occurs, the grandmother not only has the potential to harm herself but also the potential of crushing the toddler. 

Your vehicles airbags and seat belts are designed to work together to increase safety.  Not wearing your seat belt makes your airbag less effective. 

Talk to your teens, talk to your friends, set a good example and save lives.