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Safety in the workplace

Safety is important in the workplace but did you also know it could help to lower your insurance premiums? Making sure employees are trained correctly for the equipment they are using will significantly lower the risk of injury to themselves and those around them.

A few ways to increase safety around the workplace is to look into safety training classes offered by organizations in your area or through OSHA. Insurance inspectors also inspect the premise looking for ways to make a risk as safe as possible. This will help to prevent employee injuries, decrease insurance premiums, and protect your business from liability lawsuits.

Safety doesn't have to be a big scary monster, it can even start with something as simple as your first aid kit. 

-Make sure employees are aware of where the first-aid kit is kept.

-Keep the kit up to date as an emergency can happen anytime by inspecting it at least once a year.

Protect your business and your employees by making safety a bigger focus in 2020. You can always call your friends in the insurance business for more information. 989-835-6701.