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Boater Safety Checklist

The weather is warmer, and you are ready to get out on the water.  Here are some basic precautions to take before going out on your boat.


·         Make sure everyone onboard has a life jacket and that it is Coast Guard approved.

·         Have all the required documentation: boat registration, fishing license, boater education card.

·         Double check that your navigation lights and horn work before leaving the dock.  Make sure all the required navigation lights are working properly.  And you should have at least two sound-signaling devices on board, such as an air horn, bell, or whistle.

·         If you have a VHF radio, make sure it is working properly.

·         Before leaving, check that you have enough fuel for the trip! And make sure the oil and coolant are at good levels, and the battery is fully charged. 

·         Keep a basic toolbox onboard with commonly used spare parts and have a fire extinguisher in an accessible place.

·         Make sure the bilge isn’t filled with water, is clear of waste and the pump is working properly.

·         How does the weather look?  Always check the weather before any trip!

·         Have drinking water available to stay hydrated and sunblock.


Be prepared and it will give you and your passengers a fun and enjoyable day!