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Motorcycle Safety

With warm weather finally approaching, we should all be aware of Motorcycle Safety.  Following are some good tips: 

·         Keep a gap between you and other vehicles – When riding, or even driving, it is imperative to keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles- especially when cruising at higher speeds! 

·         Look ahead and scan beyond – Keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding environment will minimize risks. 

·         Assume people don’t see you – Exercising extreme caution will help you to make better decisions that will ensure your safety.  Making gestures and movements as if people can’t see you, such as exaggerated hand signals, will get you noticed. 

·         Pay Attention – No matter the condition of the road or how many other vehicles are in the vicinity, always pay attention.  Watching the road for possible dangers can give you precious time to react in the best way to avoid any collisions or fatal accidents. It only takes a matter of seconds for an accident to occur. 

·         Always wear a helmet- Wearing a helmet is the best way to protect against severe head injuries.   

·         Wear appropriate gear- Wearing leather clothing, boots with non-skid soles, and gloves can protect your body from severe injuries. 

·         Be aware & ride sober- Don’t drink and ride.  Additionally, fatigue and drowsiness can impair your ability to react, so make sure you are well rested when you hit the road. 

 Let’s all have a safe and fun motorcycle season!