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Home cyber protection

Home Cyber Protection provides the following coverages:


·         Cyber Attack

-Data Recovery: Cost of a professional firm hired to replace electronic data that has been lost or corrupted.

-System Restoration: Cost of a professional firm to restore the computing or connected home device to its level of functionality before the cyber-attack. This includes the replacement of reinstallation of software programs, removal of malicious code and the configuration of the device or system.


·         Cyber Extortion

-Professional assistance from a subject matter expert for advice and consultation on how to best respond to a threat.

-Reimbursement of an insured's necessary and reasonable cyber extortion response costs.


·         Fraud

-The direct financial loss to an insured as the result of a fraud event including, but not limited to: identity theft; unauthorized use of a card, card number, or account number in an insured's name; or forgery of a check.


·         Data Breach

-Forensic IT Review: Cost for a professional information technologist to review the nature and extent of the breach event, and the number and identities of the affected individuals.

-Legal Review: Cost for a professional legal counsel to review and develop a response for the personal data compromise.

-Notification to Affected Individuals: Necessary and reasonable costs to provide notification of the personal data breach to affected individuals.

-Services to Affected Individuals: Provides informational materials and a helpline to affected individuals. Credit report and monitoring and identity restoration case management services provided for breaches involving personally identifying information.


If Home Cyber Protection is added to a policy that has Incidental Business, Incidental Farm or Beauty Parlor and Barber Shop Professional Liability, the cyber exposure of the business or farm will also be covered for an additional charge.