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Who needs life insurance?

Who needs life insurance?


Do I need life insurance? This is a question most adults will face at some point in their life. Whether you know someone who has it, or you’ve seen it advertised it’s probably crossed your mind at some point. An easy way to find out if you need life insurance is to ask one simple question. “Who will be effected financially if something happened to me today?” If you bring in any sort of income and that income would stop if you were gone you should consider looking at life insurance. Of course there are other reasons to consider life insurance such as debt, finial expenses, etc. but one of the biggest issues could be the financial stability of your loved ones. 


Here are some statistics of life insurance


-In 2018 about 60% of Americans were covered by some form of life insurance


-of those adults 1/5 say they think they don’t have enough


-About half of consumers overestimate the cost of life insurance by almost 4x what it actually costs




Life insurance is really something that everyone should at least consider. It can be difficult to think about at times but it is the right thing to do to protect your loved ones.

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