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Safe driving with deer

Deer are everywhere! Many people ask, “What should I do when they jump out in front of me”? Most of the time you can see deer on the side of the road, and if there is one, most likely there’s more! 

Slowing down and being prepared for the unexpected is the best first solution. However, if you do not see the deer, your first instinct may be to swerve. Swerving is the worst option because it can cause you to hit another vehicle, go in the ditch, lose control, cause more damage to your vehicle, or injure yourself or others. Also, this occurrence could give you an at-fault accident on your insurance! It is best to slow down (not hit your brakes) and hit the deer, if necessary. 

Your Friends in the Insurance Business want you to be safe, so be aware of your surroundings, and avoid them when you can!