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The Importance of Proper Winter Car Storage for Your Vehicle:

There are many important reasons why you should properly store your vehicle in the winter. This will help extend the life of your vehicle and avoid costly repairs. The vehicle will also be better prepared to be driven again in the spring. Below are some useful tips to keep in mind.

·         Proper Exterior Care - It’s essential that your vehicle is thoroughly washed before storing. Hand washing is recommended. Applying a good layer of wax to protect your vehicle’s finish is also highly recommended, as well as using a cover or tarp.


·         Proper Interior Care - Make sure anything food-related is removed, including wrappers. This will decrease the risk of pests and unpleasant odors during those long winter months. Seat covers are a good idea to maintain upholstery in top condition. You may also want to purchase packs of Desiccant that will help absorb moisture inside the vehicle. 


·         Change Your Oil and Filter - It may be smart to change your oil and filter before storage even if the vehicle is not due for one. This is a great proactive step that will help with corrosion protection since an idle car is more prone to engine corrosion. Adding fuel stabilizer is also a good idea as well as routinely letting the vehicle run for a few minutes to circulate fresh fluids.


·         Proper Tire Care - Tires should always be cleaned before winter storage and should be inflated to the recommended PSI. Be aware that long-term storage can cause flat spots on tires. To prevent this from happening, you may want to put your vehicle on jack stands, a car lift, or simply put a piece of wood under the stands.


·         Proper Battery Care - Removing your vehicle’s battery may be a great tip to follow. The battery of your car loses charge if your vehicle is not in constant use. It may even freeze during those frigid winter months. Another good tip for battery care would be to hook your car battery to a trickle charger or battery maintainer.