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Umbrella claims

Everything You Need to Know About Umbrella Claims (And Why You Should Have an Umbrella!)


While most umbrella claims are related to auto liability, there are many other liability hazards you may not have contemplated.


Travel and vacations – auto coverage doesn’t extend outside of the US and Canada, so if you are recently retired and are looking to take your dream vacation to New Zealand, an umbrella would protect you in any auto-related incident.


Pets and animals – we generally think of dog bites, but what if your sweet Saint Bernard knocks over your elderly neighbor and they break a hip or arm? 


House parties – if you love to throw parties, social hosting can be a big liability.  What if a tipsy guest has a bit too much to drink, drives and has an accident on the way home?


Libel and slander – if you post a negative review of a restaurant and now the business is suing you.