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Trucking Risk Insurance

Ieuter Insurance Group takes pride in protecting truckers from all over the United States. We understand that those who transport goods across our nation play an important role in keeping America‚Äôs economy moving forward. We also understand that as a trucker, you depend on your vehicle for your own livelihood. We work with a variety of dependable insurance carriers to provide the affordable, reliable coverage. 

Coverage Options

Ieuter Insurance Group works with trucking operations of all sizes. Whether you are an independent owner-operator or operate a fleet of several hundred vehicles, we have policies to meet your needs. Our coverage options for trucking insurance include general liability as well as standard coverage for freight and vehicles. Our insurance professionals will be happy to work with you to evaluate risks and assess your business needs.

As you shop for truck insurance, you will hear several industry terms that may be new or unclear to you. Here are a few of the most common:

Primary Liability: All truckers need this coverage. It is mandated by both federal and state governments, and it provides basic protection in the event that you cause an accident that damages someone else, their property or their vehicle.

Collision Coverage: You likely have this coverage on your personal automobile, and it is also important to carry it on your truck. This coverage assists with repairs should your truck be damaged in an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage: Also handy for both personal vehicles and commercial trucks, comprehensive insurance pays for repairs in the event that your truck is damaged in a non-accident-related event.

Cargo Coverage: Specific to those in the business of transporting freight, cargo coverage protects freight in transit against loss or damage. This insurance comes with load limits that you can discuss with your insurance agent.

If you need commercial trucking insurance, get your Proposal today. To learn more or ask questions about trucking insurance from Ieuter Insurance Group, call us at 800-975-6473 or email karl [at] ieuter [dot] com.