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Michigan Bar & Tavern Insurance

Why does your bar, tavern, pub, or restaurant need a specialty insurance program?

Any business that sells alcohol to the general public needs insurance to meet the potential liabilities that may occur. Insurance will act as risk management for your establishment to help ensure that you can keep the doors open if something happens that is out of your control.

Ieuter Insurance Group has partnered with insurance providers that specialize in your industry and will provide a competitive comprehensive opinion.

There are several unique coverage options that are included in our Michigan restaurant insurance program to help you manage the unique risk of your establishment or small business. These include liquor liability, assault and battery, sign coverage, liability insurance that accounts for bar games (darts, pool, video games, etc..), employee dishonesty, theft and business interruption.

Why choose a local agent to insure your bar, tavern, pub or restaurant?

Ieuter Insurance Group has the local experience and expertise to help you get the most comprehensive package for your small business. We understand the Michigan bar and restaurant industry and will work to provide unique business insurance coverage that meets your needs. Please contact us to help your new venture or to assess your current restaurant insurance plan.

What information should you have ready before you speak to an agent?

  • Copy of your current bar, or business, insurance contract or declaration pages and bill
  • information on your building including (square feet, sprinkler system, roof type, etc.)
  • information on your business (revenue, % of sales in liquor, number of employees, etc.)
  • claim history from the past 3 to 5 years
  • be ready to discuss your business. We are looking forward to it!

Whether you are an established business, or just starting, give us a call at 989-835-6701 or email us at info [at] ieuter [dot] com.