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Ieuter Insurance Group

Your Friend in the Insurance Business in Flint, Michigan

Since 1940, Ieuter Insurance has been helping residents of the Great Lakes Bay region find the insurance coverage they need. We proudly extend our services to Flint, in addition to our other service areas in Michigan. At Ieuter, we do things differently.

We’re an independent insurance agency that brings you multiple plans from several of our partner insurance companies. Ieuter has remained independent for over 75 years, owned and operated in Michigan, so we can find the best auto, life, home, and business insurance for our clients. Why stay an independent Flint insurance provider? So we can provide service to our customers our way – always putting clients first.

Ieuter is committed to returning calls and emails within 24 hours so you never have to wait for an answer to your pressing insurance questions. We also educate our staff regularly, ensuring each team member has the tools they need to deliver the best insurance services to our Flint customers. Ieuter aims to stay ahead of the competition by implementing cutting edge technologies, using modern resources to serve our busy clients. You never have to worry about your policy, and whether you fully understand your coverage or not. We take as much time as is necessary to explain your policies to you, so you know exactly how you’re protected.

Finally, we’re committed to community involvement and support. Happy clients aren’t only a result of great customer service – it all starts at the community level. We give back to the societies we serve because we want our clients to feel confident in all areas of life.

Insurance Policies Made for Flint, Michigan

Ieuter offers a wide variety of insurance policies to our Flint clients. We deal with home, auto, life and health, business, and specialty insurance. To be a best-in-class insurance provider, we cover as many areas of life as possible with our plans.

Auto Insurance in Flint, Michigan

Your car is an important piece of property that you couldn’t make it through daily life without. You might drive to work every day, to the grocery store, or to pick up your kids from school. You need reliable transportation to get these tasks done and don’t want something as valuable as your car to go unprotected.

What if you’re in a traffic accident and you don’t have coverage to pay for damages or medical bills resulting from injury? What if something happens to your vehicle that’s outside your control, like theft, fire, or damage from a natural disaster? You rely on your car, so if you want to keep it safe from harm, you should get auto insurance.

At Ieuter, we don’t just offer plans for personal vehicles, but for commercial automobiles as well. Whether your business is local pizza delivery or freight transportation, you should cover your vehicles with a comprehensive auto insurance policy. Our auto and business insurance experts in Flint can find the best packages for you, ensuring you’re covered.

Specialty Insurance in Flint, Michigan

What is specialty insurance? We consider our specialty plans as coverage that isn’t included in our other main insurance categories. Ieuter strives to be a full-service Flint insurance company, so we offer a variety of products and plans that are meant to cover every facet of life. Some of our specialty insurance plans cover trucking, amusement, repair shops, bars, restaurants, manufacturing, and more.

Opening a new bar or restaurant can be exciting – and stressful. You want to ensure that everything in your new establishment is protected. Why put in all that work when one small incident could mean the closure of your business? At Ieuter, we work with bar and restaurant owners – as well as other entrepreneurs – to deliver the best insurance packages available. We have years of experience helping small businesses and we’re ready to pass our expertise on to you.

For questions about any of our specialty insurance policies in Flint, send us an email or request a free quote from our website.

Cannabis Insurance in Flint, Michigan

Ieuter will provide insurance for all parts of your cannabis operation. Our coverage options include everything from dispensaries and smoke shops to cultivation, manufacturing, and growing. The agents at Ieuter will work with you to learn the particular needs of your cannabis business and pick the best plan no matter what part of the cannabis operation you are a part of.

If you are thinking about entering the cannabis business or you already are in the business and need to seek out insurance plans, get ahold of us. You shouldn't leave it up to chance when it comes to insurance for cannabis.

Dependable Insurance Service in Flint, Michigan

At Ieuter, we’re committed to providing top-notch service to our Flint customers. Nobody likes having to deal with the insurance company, so we make things as easy as possible for you. We never want our clients to dread calling us – we want each experience to be positive.

To provide convenient service, we launched our online service center. By going to our website, you can easily make payments, file claims, request a change to policies, update your information, and more. We’re happy to accommodate your busy schedule by making these automated services simple. And if you still prefer speaking to an agent directly to handle your request, we’re available to take your call or answer your email.

Our convenient service doesn’t stop at our online service center. We also have an Ieuter Insurance mobile app. You can take your auto ID’s with you anywhere, accessible from your smartphone or tablet. You can also request certificates of insurance or keep each of your policies handy – all within the app.

Our job is to answer your insurance requests, whatever they may be. If you need a consultation from one of our business advisors, we can schedule it. If your health insurance policy doesn’t make sense to you, we’ll go over it extensively until we’re confident you understand. Whatever services you need, Ieuter is here to deliver.

Covering all your insurance needs in Flint, Michigan

As a leading Flint insurance broker, we provide a range of insurance products and services to meet your needs. We also offer unbeatable customer service that makes you feel like part of our family. For questions about your insurance policy, or requests to switch to a new plan, give Ieuter a call. We’ll also respond to your emails or you can live chat with us on our website during business hours. We’re happy to answer your questions.