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Winter Storm Preparation List

So far this season recent historic winter storms have battered the east coast leaving roads to dangerous to travel and thousands without power for extended period of time. Being Michiganders we pride ourselves on our ability to deal with all kinds of weather and have had historic storms before. But large winter storms have the ability to both leave you stranded and cut of your source of power leaving you vulnerable in your own home. Please see this below checklist and use to help bolster your home to ride out even the worst snow in.  

  • Make a family plan – first and foremost having a plan that all members of the family can follow is the most important preparation for any large storm or natural disaster. Discuss with everyone in the family and having a written plan also simplifies what steps to take when in the midst of a storm. 
  • Make sure vehicle is ready for winter – this may seem like a given but having your vehicle in the best shape and ready for winter will help you during a winter storm. We have all heard of the person who was not expecting a storm and instead of replacing worn tires to be ready for winter were stranded as soon as a storm hit that leaves snow on the roads. Please see the following link for winter tips on you car  
  • Make sure you have adequate snow removal equipment – In a large storm the neighbor boy you have to clear your driveway may have more then they can handle, or if you do it yourself you may find you do not have all needed equipment. Make sure you have what you need to get your vehicle out of your driveway and onto a road once they are cleared. 
  • Keep warm clothes and blankets in the home – Having warm clothes and blankets at the ready may seem like a no brainer given our cold Michigan rivers. However you will want all you can get if the heat in your home is out. 
  • Watch out for pet needs – Pets get cold too! If you have a pet make sure they will stay warm, well fed and hydrated just like you have done for yourself. 
  • Check on friends and neighbors – others may not be as well prepared as yourself (especially after following this list) so make sure those with special needs get help to survive the storm as well. 
  • Prior to and during storm listen to reports and any other emergency info – Information is power in all situations. Knowing what to expect is key. Make sure you have a battery operated radio if power is out and keep an ear on it.