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What is general liability insurance for?

General liability insurance is crucial if you have a business to protect.  If a third party gets hurt and has bodily injury, incurs property damage, or claims to have been damaged by an advertisement that was posted (typically due to a copyright infringement claim), general liability insurance will help cover these costs. Businesses aren’t typically required to carry general liability insurance, but the truth is that this is the best way to be protected from something bad happening to the business and its employees.  

A good example of a property damage lawsuit is for a restaurant owner who rents the building in which he operates his business and experiences a kitchen fire causing severe damage to the building.  The owner of the building now could sue the business owner for the damage, and the liability insurance will pick up to protect against this.  Another example of a covered claim would be if a customer slipped and broke their arm inside the business. They will likely need surgery and medical bills could rack up very quickly.  The customer could sue for damages, and the liability insurance would take care of this as well.  

Whether you have a small business, medium-sized business, or a large business, it is very important to have general liability insurance. Sit down with an insurance agent to make sure you are properly covering your assets, and increase your limits if need be. General liability insurance is there to protect against the unfortunate events that happen to business owners and their employees. 

Visit for more information about general liability insurance and more examples of the types of claims general liability insurance can cover.

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