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Medicare fraud: How to recognize it and prevent it?

Medicare scams are something that often happen to the unsuspecting, and these scammers primarily target the elderly. 

Scammers will contact you through various means: phone calls, mail, fax, and even door-to-door. The most common way is scammers contact their victims is through the phone. These dishonest people call claiming to be from Medicare. They will request money and personal information, such as your social security number and bank account numbers. They will even ask for your Medicare Number. When they are successful in obtaining the requested information, they will use it to steal your identity and engage in Medicare fraud. This seems so simple to spot, but these scammers are getting better at gaining the “trust” of their victims. 

Here are some tactics they use to scam:

  1. They will use the tactic of trying to send you free medical supplies. They will claim that they just need to verify your information such as a SSN or Medicare number.  

  2. They will say they need to send you a new Medicare card. 

  3. They will also say that you are entitled to a refund offer.  

  4. You received a bill/claim for care you didn’t receive. This bill will have a “fake number” to call for questions regarding your bill.  

Remember, these are all tactics to try to get your information, and these fraudsters may sound very convincing. When you do feel like the phone call is potentially a scam, HANG UP, even if the caller ID says Medicare, since scammers can often spoof that, too. Go with your gut: If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  

Facts about Medicare:

  1. They will NEVER call you to sell you anything or give you anything for FREE.

  2. Medicare will NEVER visit you at home.

  3. Medicare will NEVER call you to “activate” your Medicare Card.

  4. Medicare cards DO NOT expire, so there's no need to send you a new one.

If you feel you have been scammed or someone has attempted to scam you concerning your Medicare please call 1-800-MEDICARE and report it.  You can also report it at

You can also reference and learn more about scammers and how to stop those unwanted calls using blocking technology.

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