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Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance. Is it worth it?

Disability Insurance, also known as Disability Income Insurance, pays you a portion of your wages in the event you are unable to work due to a serious illness, medical condition or injury. It is typically offered by your employer; however, you can purchase individual plans. Let’s take a closer look at two types of disability insurance:

Short Term Disability is used for a temporary leave of absence lasting 2-26 weeks. This means you are unable to perform your own occupation due to an injury or illness and includes leave for pregnancy &birth.

Long Term Disability is used for an extended leave of absence. Utilizing long term disability insurance, you are unable to perform any occupation due to an injury, illness, or medical condition lasting longerthan 26 weeks.

It’s easy for someone to say that one will never use disability insurance, but the truth is no one knows the future. Research shows that 1 out of 4 people will become disabled during their working career. Whether your reason for using disability insurance is due to a slip and fall injury or receiving a cancer diagnosis, the investment into your financial security is well worth it!

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