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Getting ready for boating season? Don't forget these safety tips and to ensure your boat is insured before you hit the water

Are you planning on heading out on the open water this summer? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Before you go: Take a boating safety course, have young swimmers take swimming lessons, have your boat checked for seaworthiness for free by the U.S. Coast Guard, check the weather before you depart, talk to your independent insurance agent to make sure your boat and activities are covered

What to bring: Cell phone in a water-resistant bag and a two-way radio, compass, anchor, tool kit, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, sunscreen and sunglasses, food and water

When you go: Dress for the water temperature and remember it's often much cooler on the water due to wind, wear a properly fitted life jacket, boat sober (alcohol is involved in nearly 1 in 5 boating fatalities), tell someone back on land where you plan to go and how long you intend to be on the water, and have someone on board who knows how to operate the boat and where first aid supplies are.

We recommend making a checklist for the beginning and end of boating season that includes the suggestions above as well as a few other critical things including making sure all plugs are back in the boat before you drop it in the water, double-checking the strength of any ropes and chains that secure your boat to the trailer, properly winterizing and de-winterizing each season, double-checking that your boat has a toss-able life-preserver and plenty of life jackets on board, and reaching out to Your Friends In The Insurance Business to ensure all pertinent boat-related coverage is in place on your policy. 

Your Friends In The Insurance Business at Midland's Ieuter Insurance Group can answer all your boat insurance coverage questions.

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