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Group Captives

from Ieuter Insurance Group

Our experts will evaluate if a group captive is right for your casualty business.  A captive will help your business avoid the challenges of cyclical traditional insurance and reduce total cost of risk.  If you pay at least $125,000 in casualty premium, a captive may be an option for you.  Let our experts walk you through the process of joining a group captive.

Group captives are reserved for best-in-class companies and can be used for workers’ compensation, commercial auto, and general liability exposures.

The benefits of a group captive include:

  • Greater stability, less risk.
  • More predictable pricing.
  • Enhanced safety programs.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Sharing of risk management.
  • Investment income.

Who It’s for

Before joining a group captive, a prospective new member must meet a minimum premium threshold (as low as $125,000). Members generally must also demonstrate:

  • Financial stability.
  • A commitment to safety and claims oversight.
  • A business philosophy compatible with the group captive and its other members.

What You Get

  • Greater market stability and control over casualty insurance costs.
  • Superior loss control and claims handling.
  • The opportunity to directly share investment income and underwriting profit
  • Retain any unused premium dollars if you are loss free
  • A- Rated Policies written on admitted paper

Call “Your Friends in the Insurance Business” at 989-835-6701 or email info [at] ieuter [dot] com for more information.