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Term Life Insurance versus Permanent Life Insurance - Pros and Cons

A lot of financial advisors will stand by the statement: “Buy term and invest the rest.” This statement refers to the fact that term insurance is often 10x less expensive and that the stock market will traditionally outperform the internal rate of return on a permanent life policy.  These factors are true, so why would anyone ever buy life insurance that wasn’t term?

First of all, most financial gurus on the internet are preaching to the masses. What applies to most may not apply to your set of circumstances. Secondly, permanent life insurance is the ONLY form of insurance of any kind that is guaranteed to pay out.

Term policies protect you for a given period of time, say 10, 20, or even 30 years, and then they term out, and expire. You’re renting versus buying, and all your premiums are gone with nothing to show for them, except peace of mind during the policy term. The insurance carrier is betting that you will outlive the policy, and they’re right about 98% of the time. You cannot outlive a permanent policy.

Permanent Life Insurance is not a standalone financial investment strategy, but should be combined with investment products in a portfolio that maximizes asset protection and growth. Talk to Your Friends In The Insurance Business at Ieuter Insurance Group today for options and advice to meet your specific family needs.

Ieuter insurance Group provides you with a wide range of insurance options. Over the years, our company has expanded our product coverage to provide our clients access to wider protection. We offer you specialty insurance products as well as health and life insurance products. We also offer personal insurance products like boat insurance, auto insurance, classic car insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, homeowner insurance, motorcycle insurance, and landlord insurance. We are dedicated to fulfilling our customers' needs and act with character, integrity, and accountability to help you protect your family.

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