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Should you consider life insurance for a stay-at-home parent in your household?

Many people wouldn’t think you’d need life insurance for a stay-at-home parent because they don’t generate any outside income. Income isn't the only factor to consider, however. A stay-at-home parent is responsible for...

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Congratulations Kurt and Dawn for earning the President's Club Award from Auto-Owners Insurance once again!

Thanks to the Midland Daily News for this coverage of our own Kurt O. Ieuter earning a spot on Auto-Owners Insurance's President's Club for the 23rd time in 2022.

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Don't neglect life insurance for the stay-at-home parent in your household

Why does a stay-at-home parent need life insurance? This is a question that we frequently get asked when discussing life insurance policies with our clients. Many people think of the income that a working parent brings...

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Who Needs Life Insurance and How Much Do You Need?

It’s an unfortunate fact that life expectancy in the US has dropped recently. This has led many people to examine whether or not they should have a life insurance policy and, if so, how much coverage they should have....

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Few Questions You Must Ask Before Purchasing Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most critical aspects of securing your future. It is essential to safeguard your family, and you mustn’t take it lightly. Carefully scrutinize the details and see the terms and conditions;...

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Term Life Insurance versus Permanent Life Insurance - Pros and Cons

A lot of financial advisors will stand by the statement: “Buy term and invest the rest.” This statement refers to the fact that term insurance is often 10x less expensive and that the stock market will traditionally...

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Life Insurance Gap in Gen X

A recent survey by New York Life that was highlighted in USA Today shows that Americans are underinsured when it comes to Life Insurance, and they know it. Generation X, those born between '65 and '76, report that they...

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