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What you need to know about Host Liquor liability coverage

We all love a good event -- an office holiday party, our favorite non-profit fundraising event, a backyard bash on the Fourth of July, or our Best Friend’s magical wedding. It is important to ensure that these nights contain only the happiest memories and one easy and often over-looked way to do that is to make sure your event has host liquor insurance coverage to protect your organization, yourself and your household, and your guests.

What is Host Liquor?

Host liquor liability insurance protects against alcohol-related incidents and liabilities resulting from events where you provided alcohol, whether it was sold or offered complimentarily. In other words, it's like your license to party safely and responsibly.

It is intended to protect individuals and businesses who “host” a one-time or occasional event. It is NOT intended for bars and restaurants that serve alcohol regularly, as these places require a much more in-depth liquor liability policy.

It Covers:

  • Medical Bills and expenses if anyone were injured at or leaving your event.
  • Property Damage caused by their incident.
  • Legal Costs associated with their incident.

Hosting an event, while being fulfilling, can also be very stressful and nerve-racking. We are here to help put your mind at ease and protect you from any added potential risks! Panning & partying tip are shared below. 

Helpful Tips:

  • Hire professional bartenders and monitor over-serving!
  • Have a taxi service or complimentary car service on hand.
  • Provide overnight accommodation if needed.

If you have more questions or would like to add this coverage to your policy for an upcoming event, reach out to Your Friends In The Insurance Business at Ieuter Insurance Group.

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