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Driving safely in the winter

As of last week, it's officially winter, although we in Michigan often experience wintery weather way before the winter equinox.

If you're traveling this winter, we encourage you to take the following precautions to stay as safe as possible on wintry roads:

*Don’t drive distracted.

*Try not to be out on treacherous roads. As temperatures drop, moisture on roadways can freeze, making ice harder to see and avoid.

*If you must drive in snow or ice, make sure your car’s windows, lights, hood, and roof are free of ice and snow. Maintain a safe speed and distance from the cars around you.

*Keep snacks, a blanket, a flashlight, and a shovel in your trunk.

*Charge your cell phone before you leave, and bring a cell phone charger with you.

*Before you leave, designate someone to be responsible for caring for your home while you’re away.

*Responsibilities could include taking in your mail, shoveling your snowy sidewalk, applying salt to your driveway, feeding your pets, and making sure your home is generally well-maintained and in good repair during your absence.

*Don't forget to make sure you've got full coverage on any vehicles you drive during the winter! Your Friends In The Insurance Business at Midland's Ieuter Insurance Group can answer your insurance coverage questions.

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