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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Myths and Facts About Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance-- Definition: The flooding of two properties in the area or two or more acres. Flooding can be caused by: 1) overflow of any body of water 2) the unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface...

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Use Life Insurance to Leave a Legacy

Year after year, studies show that Americans give more and more to charity. We care about our communities and our fellow citizens, and we express that conviction with our donation dollars. As you look at your legacy and...

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Reducing Winter Weather Risk

Water damage to your ceilings and walls from leaks caused by ice dams can be devastating. You can avoid or reduce your risk by taking some basic steps. ICE DAMS An ice dam is a build-up of ice at the lower edge of a...

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Flood Insurance Policies

A standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damage, which is a common misconception made by policyholders. In order to be covered for flood damage you must have a separate flood insurance policy. A flood...

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Protect Your Motorhome and RV From the Cold

If you're a snowbird and you're headed away from the cold this winter to a sunnier and warmer spot, you can move on to the next article. Just know that we here at Ieuter Insurance wish you a safe journey - and that we'...

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