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New Michigan Distracted Driving Law Goes into Effect June 30

Michigan drivers take note: Under the a new law that takes effect on June 30, drivers will be barred from using social media, watching or recording videos or holding their phones to make a call while driving in addition...

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4 Water-Saving Tips for Your Garden

Water has been in short supply in many areas of the United States lately. And even if it’s bountiful where you live, you may be paying more for water than you’d like. Here are some tips for using less water and saving...

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State of Michigan charging new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) fee for all vehicles beginning July 1

Remember the auto refund Michigan drivers received from the State of Michigan last year? Now the MCCA fund (State of Michigan fund to pay for medical claims) is at a deficit in part because of all the money the...

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Boating Safety Tips

Are you planning on heading out on the open water this summer? Putting your boat in the water for the first time this year? Don't forget to reach out to Your Friends In The Insurance Business to make sure your coverage...

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Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Whether you’re just getting away for a long weekend or spending a few weeks out of the house, it’s important to ensure your home is safe while you’re gone. Follow these tips to help prevent break-ins, fires, and water...

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