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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Why Do Rates Increase After a Home Claim?

When home insurance was first introduced, the intent was for catastrophic coverage. For example, if your home burned down or a tornado came through and swept it away you, would have coverage to rebuild. The owner of the...

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Airbnb: Are you Covered?

Airbnb has made home sharing a popular for many travelers. If you are not familiar with this website, it is a place for people to list their homes, apartments, cabins, etc. to rent for short periods of time. If you have...

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7 Driving Habits That Are Bad for Your Car

No matter how safe you are behind the wheel, you’ve probably done things like: Shift into drive while the car is still rolling backward. Ride the brakes on steep hills. Roll into the gas station on empty. Guilty? If so,...

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What Is A Surety Bond?

We get this question a lot in our commercial department. Please see the link below for quick and easy explanation. If you think you may need one for your business, please call our office today! What is a Surety Bond?

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