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If A Tree Falls.... Are You Covered?

A Question we get in our office often is what to do if a tree falls across property lines. It's a common occurrence so here's the scoop. If your neighbor's tree falls on your property and it is a healthy tree, it is...

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Well it’s that time of the year again, hopefully for the motorcycle enthusiasts you've been able to get your bike out and start riding! This list is not a complete guide but does provide some helpful safety tips for new...

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Furry Friends? We've Got You Covered!

There are times when things happen that cause us to really think, like when you see the dog running with his new prize, one of the uncooked steaks that you were just going to throw on the grill. Or when you watch your...

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Road Trouble? At Your Service!

It usually isn’t in our morning routines to have car problems. This always seems to happen when it is the most inconvenient! The added pressure of having to pay a tow bill is equally frustrating. Did you know for a low...

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Blinded By the Light! Safety Tips Against Glare

We have all experienced sunshine glare on the windshield. You're driving down the road and make a turn when the setting or rising sun casts a blinding glare. Not only is this extremely frustrating, it’s very dangerous!...

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