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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

What is a Qualifying Event and Why Does It Matter?

The terms Qualifying Event, Special Enrollment Period, and Open Enrollment Period get tossed around in conversation when discussing both employer-sponsored benefits and individual health insurance plans. The timeframes...

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Rising prescription costs

Rising Prescription Costs As healthcare premiums are increasing you may have noticed that prescription costs are on the rise as well. In a study done by Consumer Reports in 2019, 12% of individuals said their...

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Umbrella claims

Everything You Need to Know About Umbrella Claims (And Why You Should Have an Umbrella!) While most umbrella claims are related to auto liability, there are many other liability hazards you may not have contemplated. ...

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Extreme weather events and the effect on the insurance industry

Natural disasters have been peppering newsfeeds for the last decade. In 2019, there were 409 natural events that caused $232 billion of economic damage. Of this amount, $229 billion was related to weather disasters....

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Why is Homeowners Insurance Needed?

Similar to car insurance, homeowners insurance in midland is of much importance. Homeowners insurance comes in handy when your home suffers damage or someone is injured while on the property. The financial consequences...

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