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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Why choosing an Independent Insurance Agent matters so much

Buying insurance can be confusing. Price is important, but so is getting coverage that fits your needs. You want good value for your money, whether you’re buying protection for your home, your car, or your business.The...

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Avoiding slip and fall accidents in the workplace

Every year there are reported cases of ER visits for around 8 million people slipping and falling at a place of business, according to the National Floor Safety Institute.Slip-and-fall accidents aren't the #1 cause of...

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Do You Need a Friend in the Insurance Business?

Your Friends In The Insurance Business at Ieuter Insurance Group were delighted to provide job shadowing this week for the participants in Northwood University's Insurance Leadership Academy for high school juniors and...

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When you spring forward this weekend, be sure to replace your smoke detector batteries, too!

In Michigan, we spring forward this Sunday, so don't forget to reset any clocks that don't automatically update including your microwave, older automobiles and more.While you're at it, we recommend switching out your...

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