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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Do You Work for Shipt? What You Need to Know!

What a time to be alive! Now we can order our groceries through an app and have them personally delivered right to our office, home, or location of our choice. As Shipt’s popularity continues to grow for members, so...

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Essential Safety Tips for Nighttime Boating

If you own a boat (or better yet, as the joke goes, you know someone with a boat), you’ve probably thought about spending some evenings on the water - especially in the summertime. It’s a great thought, of course. But,...

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What State Should My Auto Insurance Be In?

There has been some confusion over time regarding what state your vehicle’s insurance needs to be in. If you live primarily in one state (where you are licensed), you most likely have your vehicle titled and registered...

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What is Physical Damage Coverage?

What is physical damage and why is it important? Physical damage provides coverage for your vehicle due to a loss such as accidents, collisions, fire, theft or vandalism. There are two types: 1. Comprehensive physical...

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